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Word on the street is that spray paint is getting everyone's attention!

Mention spray paint and visions of graffiti, Banksy and street art immediately come to mind. But spray paint is not only the expressive medium of choice for graffiti and urban artists; the art possibilities from a can of spray paint are broad and varied. From pop art to fine art - artists have been exploring the medium for decades. 

Traditionally used on poster board, spray paint art can be effectively used on any non-porous materials - including wood, metal, glass, ceramic and plastic. 

After spray paint’s rise to fame by graffiti artists in New York in the 1970s, galleries began to exhibit graffiti paintings in the 1980s. Since then, spray paint has been increasingly used by non-graffiti artists and often in combination with other materials and techniques. 

Spray paint has a defined aesthetic that is void of brushstrokes. Depending on the pressure applied to the nozzle, spray-paint lines can be thin, thick, layered, splattered, and/or dripped. 

Spray paint is a useful, affordable and versatile medium that cuts down on painting time and is popular for updating your patio furniture to expressing yourself artistically as a fine art or urban art medium. 

From broad strokes to finer detail, browse our Montana and Liquitex premium brands of vibrant spray paint options. The Montana spray paint range is fast-drying, gives full coverage and can withstand harsh winter weather. The Liquitex professional spray paint range is specifically for fine artists. It is highly pigmented and has a full range of colours that are water-resistant when dry. 

Spray paint art has no rules - so pick your colours and start expressing yourself - from an outdoor mural, a canvas portrait or your tired outdoor furniture.

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