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An easel to suit every artist's needs - including yours.

Every serious artist needs an easel - it is one of your most important art supplies. Not only does an easel make it easier for you to paint, but it also helps make you a better artist. Positioning your canvas on an easel allows you the best ambient light and the best angle for you to paint.

One of the main advantages of investing in an easel is that you can keep stepping back to view your artwork at a similar angle and distance at which it will be hung on a wall; aiding with perspective, lighting, shadow and layering of colours.

Wooden table easels (or desk easels) are affordable, portable and versatile - ideal for painting, sketching and drawing.

A huge benefit of a table easel is that it helps with your painting posture - minimising unnecessary bending or straining of the neck, shoulders and back while working. The various angle options of an easel help facilitate the recommended upright position to paint properly. The more angles the greater the flexibility.

At The Art Materials Company, we offer various sized H-Framed table easels that fold flat for easy storage and portability when not in use and are ideal for artists who work in smaller-scale artworks. Our box tabletop easels have nifty adjustable storage compartments for your brushes, paints and other art materials and our aluminium table easel is strong and lightweight.

An easel is an investment tool for any artist and so make sure you choose just the right one for your painting needs

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