Acrylic Paint Collection

From novice to professional, acrylic paints are a favourite in any painter’s studio.

Their versatility, durability and quick-drying qualities make them a go-to option for painting masterpieces as well as for crafts, collages and mixed media works. From the classroom to the gallery, artist quality acrylic paints need to feature on our palette.

Acrylic paints are non-toxic, water-based and a low-maintenance medium making them perfect for beginner artists. You only need a few basic tools to start painting: acrylic paint, paintbrushes (with synthetic hairs as they take better to acrylic paints), some water and a surface (and perhaps a palette knife). One thing to bear in mind when sourcing acrylic paints is that the higher grade your acrylics are, the more pigment they will contain, so it is really not worth compromising on the quality of the paint. 

Acrylic paints are malleable; you can add an acrylic retarder to them to decelerate the drying time and you can also add other mediums to make your acrylic paints shimmer, crackle or even dry faster. 

Because Acrylic paints dry faster, you are able to layer colours quickly, building up the texture without muddying the hues. 

At The Art Materials Company, you can browse all our brands of premium quality acrylic paints to suit your next art or craft project - including folk art marbling acrylics. For the professional artist, you may want to stock up on Winsor and Newton’s Artist acrylic range or the Lukas Pastos heavy bodied acrylics. Reeves acrylic individual paints and sets are suitable for surfaces including canvas, paper, wood, glass and fabric.  

The practicality, affordability and versatility of acrylic paints make them a wonderful medium for all manner of artists and crafters.

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