Artist pouring mediums for fluid painting techniques 101

by Art Materials on Jul 21, 2021

Artist pouring mediums for fluid painting

As an artist shopping for art supplies online or scrolling your IG or Facebook feeds, you are likely to see posts advertising acrylic pouring mediums or inspirational examples of fluid painting projects. These mesmerising abstract effects are created by turning acrylics into a liquid consistency by adding a pouring medium. Once poured and pooled onto a canvas, the canvas is then tilted which distributes the paint into magical ‘marbled’ designs. 

Before you rush online and order pouring acrylics and mediums, familiarise yourself with the basics of fluid painting and exactly what art supplies you will need to get started before you let your creative juices (and credit card) run free. 

Why fluid painting?

Our simple response is, “Why not?”  Fluid painting is a relatively new art form and it is suitable for beginners with no prior drawing or painting skills and you also need very few art supplies.. 

If you are an impatient artist, then this is just the art hobby for you to dip your toes into; you can ‘pour’ a painting in half an hour. And then, of course, there is the fun factor of playing with acrylic pouring paints and mediums

Fluid painting

What you will need

The main art supplies you will need for fluid painting are a selection of coloured pouring acrylics which are perfect low viscosity for blending with the pouring medium to create the perfect pouring consistency without compromising the colour intensity. Or you can use ready pre-mixed acrylic pouring paints. You will also need a painting surface, plastic cups for mixing individual colours with the medium and perhaps a palette knife to add extra marbling effects. Liquitex Acrylic Pouring Medium has a special formula that is self-levelling for a smooth, even paint film finish and guarantees seamless results when used with any pouring techniques.

Art pouring mediums

How to get started

  • Have all the art supplies for your fluid painting project ready.
  • Make sure the surface you are working on is completely level.
  • If you are not using pre-mixed pouring acrylics, then add the pouring medium to your individual pouring acrylic colours  - normally in a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 - until you get a liquid honey consistency. Let it stand for a while to remove any air bubbles. 
  • Now you are ready to start your one-of-a-kind fluid art masterpiece. Start by pouring a pool of colour onto the canvas and then smaller puddles of various colours. Tilt the canvas so that the coloured pouring medium spreads over the canvas. You can keep adding different layers after each tilt until the canvas is covered. 
  • Allow to dry completely. (This may take up to 24 hours). 
We know you can’t wait to begin, but take a minute (literally) and watch this Liquitex video on how to get started.
Fluid painting techniques & pouring mediums

As long as you have the correct homogeneous consistency, there are so many fluid painting/pour painting techniques and colour combinations you can experiment with, and each finished design will be completely unique. This contemporary abstract medium results in surreal and dreamy artworks that deserve to be hung on any wall.  

The Art Materials Company

Here at the Art Materials Company, we know exactly what art supplies you need to indulge your creativity and start playing with this fun art form. Head on straight to our paints section where you are spoilt for choice as to the pouring acrylic colours you can choose from as well as the various sizes of Liquitex pouring medium

Your other alternative is to buy a starter kit (for yourself or as a gift) which contains everything needed to explore the art of acrylic pouring

Albert Einstein said that “creativity is intelligence having fun,” so shop art supplies online and start pouring and creating!