3 Good reasons to buy chalk paint

by Art Materials on Jul 14, 2021

Chalk paint

Since Annie Sloane launched her trademark range of chalk paint in 1990, its popularity has grown, with many other ‘generic’ brands now on the market. Its good press is warranted, with crafters singing its praises as they upcycle the decor world one furniture piece at a time. Chalk paint is any DIYer’s BFF and can be used on almost anything, but its charm is foremostly appreciated on wooden pieces. 

So what makes chalk paint so appealing? We’ll give you 3 reasons and they all relate to being environmentally friendly and joining the upcycling revolution.

Simple Upcycling

Upcycling discarded or tired furniture and giving it new life is a responsible trend that is here to stay. Add chalk paint to the conversation and you have a user-friendly solution that embraces the spirit of the slow furniture movement. 

Tables, chairs, wardrobes, frames, mirrors - even a piano - can all have a makeover in an afternoon; no prep, priming or sanding required. All quick-drying chalk paint needs is a clean and dry surface and a ready paintbrush in your hand.

Simple upcycling

The wonder of these specialised paints is that they leave no chalky residue and give a beautifully soft and creamy matte look that you cannot get from other paints. For a silkier protective finish, simply add a layer of clear wax.

Colourful Upcycling 

Chalk paints really come into their own when we start talking colour palettes. The tones and hues are gentle, chic, tactile and oh-so-lovely. (Yes, we’re swooning!). The Folk Art Home Decor range of chalk paints will have you completely mesmerised; it’s all in the colour names: Sheepskin, Oatmeal, Patina, Glacier, Parisian Grey, Vintage Victoria, Lilac, Provincial Blue and Nautical.  

These rich and highly pigmented paints will provide long-lasting colour and irresistible charm to any home decor project. No matter what colour you use, any item - tired pine chairs or a dressing table that has seen better days - can get a much needed and bespoke revamp. 

Colourful upcycling

Versatile Upcycling

But DIY projects should not only be restricted to wooden pieces. Chalk paint can be applied to metal, melamine, glass and even fabric. Refurbishing items has never been so simple. 

The artistic effects you can create and finishes you can achieve are endless. Whether rustic, distressed or solid, there are no rules. And whatever your design style inspiration - French country, modern farmhouse or bohemian shabby chic - it is all about having fun and creating unique vintage decor pieces for any space in your home. With a tub of chalk paint and a little imagination, a beautifully updated piece of furniture is just a paintbrush away.

Versatile upcycling

The Art Materials Company 

Water-based and non-toxic, chalk paints are an art or crafters art supply that cannot be ignored and The Art Materials Company is just the online space to indulge your upcycling and chalk paint passion. 

Join the upcycling revolution and create beautiful DIY projects by ordering chalk paints online today.