Promarkers | An art supply that does 'double duty'

by Art Materials on Aug 19, 2022

Winsor & Newton Art Supplies | Promarkers

If there is one art supply you should never leave home without, it is a set of Winsor & Newton Promarkers.  And if you are yet to own a set of these colourful lovelies, then please go ahead and add them to your wishlist or simply ‘add to cart’ right now! (The rest of this blog can wait). These multitasking markers, with their iconic and ingenious twin tips, have taken the art world by storm and are creating quite a stir among artists, graphic designers, illustrators, architects and crafters of all ages. 

Winsor & Newton’s alcohol-based and non-toxic dual-tip Promarkers have upped the fun factor in any art supply search. Available as singles or in a set, they open up a new and exciting world of creative experimentation when it comes to scribbling, doodling, sketching, colouring, drawing, art journaling and even fine art painterly techniques. 

Choose your tip

The innovative twin-tipped design of Promarkers means you get two for the price of one. (The two separate tips are built into either end of the pen). The versatility of a wider chisel tip - for broader strikes and colouring larger areas - and a finer bullet tip - for more detailed line work - gives you endless opportunities to unleash your creativity. 

Twin-tipped Promarkers
  • The flexible 7mm chisel tip allows you to create broad and graduated sweeping strokes (streak-free), translucent layering and colour and tone to line drawings. 
  • The 0.5mm bullet tip is used for fine lines, precision detailing, outlining, portraiture, creative lettering and colouring in small areas.

Choose your type

Winsor & Newton have gone all out with their collection of Promarkers. These high-quality art supplies offer any artist, illustrator or hobbyist extreme versatility with their 5 different twin-tipped ranges:

Promarker ranges
  • Promarkers (alcohol-based dye ink) with a bullet tip and chisel tip.
  • Promarker Brush (alcohol-based dye ink) with a softer brush tip instead of the chisel tip. 
  • Promarker Watercolour (water-based pigmented ink) - with bullet and brush tips.
  • Promarker Neon (water-based pigmented formula) set of 6 brilliant fluorescent colours.
  • Promarker Metallic (water-based pigmented formula) set of 6 twin-tipped shimmering colours.

Choose your tone

Saying that Promarkers come in all the colours of the rainbow is a major understatement. Instead of just 7 rainbow colours, Winsor & Newton generously offer up a total of 173 colours in the Promarker range (including the 6 neon and 6 metallic colours), 72 Promarker Brush colours and 36 Promarker watercolours. (Yes, you may well need to pace yourself when it comes to adding these to your art supply stash). 

Colours of Promarkers

It is safe to say that no matter what your inspiration or creative mood, there is a Promarker colour to match. There are rich tones, mid tones, skin tones, neutral tones, pastel tones and vibrant tones. And if you are inspired by nature, choose from the landscape, skyscape or earth tone sets. (This is way better than being like a kid in a candy store). 

“The pigment in these markers is so intense. This allows me to mix them in improbable ways with a result that is both chaotic and elegant.” -Araks Sahakyan,  Spanish-Armenian artist.

To further tantalise you, download the Promarker colour chart.

Choose your technique

Your imagination will not only run wild with the Promarker colour palette, but your options with creative techniques are just as versatile. (Who needs an artist’s muse when you have Promarkers on hand)?

Art techniques with Winsor & Newton Promarkers

Grab a bleed-proof marker pad from your art supply store and start creating striking effects by colouring, shading, blending and layering. These techniques will result in depth, shadow, textures and graduations, thanks to the translucent qualities of the Promarkers. These are all wet-on-dry effects, but you can go a step further by merging colours with a wet-on-wet technique or by using the Promarker colourless blender. 

Because Promarkers are alcohol-based, they are not only quick-drying and lightfast but can also be used on most ink-free surfaces including acetate, glass, plastic and wood. 

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Take your pick, start your Promarker collection today and unleash your creativity.